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This is the beginning of something beautiful

Adding sparkle to your special
moments since 1926

Mystical Mangalsutra

Precious Gifting

Mystical Mangalsutra

Precious Gifting

Eye Promise

The cure is, Protection against it.

Pearl Striking

Express your personality and unique style.

Kids Jewellery

Disney earrings and other jewels for the young ones.

Mediterranean Charm

Minimalism and repeat.

Gold is divine

Perfect gifting to your close ones.

Men’s Jewellery

For he who always impeccably dressed.

Glistening Gems

Disney earrings and other jewels for the young ones.

Jewellery Care

Maintain the style and beauty of jewelleries.

Jewels Just for you

Shine brighter everyday now

Colour me beautiful!

Fill in colours to your life.

Jewellery Care Hospital

Restore the beauty and shine of your old jewellery with our jewellery Restoration services.

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